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GREWA-R-S Next generation, Packaged and Fully automatic STP now available at the price of conventional technology


wastewater treatment add-ons
Key Features of the Grewa Ranger  
Highly compact
20-50% smaller than conventional treatment plants
Completely plug-n-play
Quick installation, no on-site fabrication
Low operating costs
Reduced electricity bills, no dedicated operator required and remote monitoring option
No Waste
Reuse treated water for Cleaning, Flushing, HVAC, Cooling Towers
Sewage Treatment & Wastewater Treatment Sewage Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Effluent Treatment Effluent Treatment Water Treatment Water Treatment Add-On Modules
Sewage Treatment Wastewater Treatment Effluent Treatment Water Treatment wastewater treatment add-ons
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Residential Buildings,
Townships and Complexes
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Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Fisheries and Food Processing
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Shopping malls, IT/ITES,
Commercial Complexes,
SEZs and Hospitals
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Hotels, Resorts, Clubs,
Restaurants, Food Courts
and Serviced Apartments
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  Customer Stories    
Premium Forest Resort
Find out how Grewa-R helped recycle 70% of their Wastewater
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Residential Colony
Greywater helped reduce their dependancy on freshwater for non-potable applications
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Greywater enables this SEZ to overcome fresh Water supply issues
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Gen- Next Technology
Publication - EPC World Magazine
Edition- National
Date- September 2013
Operating on the principle of ‘ NO WASTE’, Greywater strives towards meeting and satisfying the wastewater treatment needs of the customers worldwide, states Arun Dubey, Head Strategy and Business Development, Greywater in an interaction with EPC world.
GREYWATER A pioneer in water tech
Publication - Infrastructure Today
Edition- National
Date- August 2013
Greywater a Mumbai-based specialized technology company that pioneers the next generation products for sewage and wastewater treatment has announced the availability of product financing to its customers.
Press Releases
18th March, 2014
25th June 2013
02nd May 2013
GREYWATER launches Grewa-R-S. Applying product innovation to make water recycling sustainable for all
01st May 2013
GREYWATER to launch GREWA-R-S, next generation, packaged and fully automatic STP at the price of conventional systems.
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